A lot of people look at Valentines Day as a day to celebrate with your loved one, such as a boyfriend or wife. The chocolat, the roses (which I believe to be rather overrated and over used), the candle light dinner, etc. For those who are of the single stature, tend to have a very negative outlook on the whole day. I find that to be depressing. 

People don't realize that Valentines Day is actually in memory of St. Valentine; not a perverted looking man flying around in a diaper, shooting people in their asses with arrows-- excuse my crud description.  

Let me set a record straight for my own sanity, because if I hear one more single person complain about how they hate Valentines Day, my head shall burst, (rather dramatic, eh?) 

So let me continue with my small little rant on what I think Valentines Day is all about:
 It isn't just about couples and being overbaringly sentimental with your partner, and being in a state of pure bliss while people around you who don't have what you have (make a note, I am rolling my eyes). Valentines Day-- besides it being about St. Valentine-- is about coming together with the people you love, notice how I said "People" and not "Person". You come together with friends, family, and yes, your special someone too. Don't mope around like its the end of the bloody world just because you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or you are divorced and have no one now. No one really cares about that truthfully, because 10 to 1, they are going through a similar thing too. So instead of making it worse on yourself and everyone else, sinking into a pit of depression and self pity, why don't you stop, look around, see everything that is beautiful outside, and then get all your friends together (single or not) and have a big dinner together. Or go see family. 

This "holiday" isn't reserved for only the couples, its reserved for those who are willing to spend a day with everyone he or she loves. 

So enlightenment of this little blurb, I will, on the big V, post a story I wrote as of last year on Valentines Day; but it is only fitting to do so to back up my opinions. haha. 

It can be found in my book, "The Good, The Bad, and Everything Inbetween." So if you have my book, then I suggest you read it on the big V. And while you're at it make some brownies and pass around the love. 


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