Opinions, what to say about opinions, opinions are....medicine with a spoon full of sugar mixed in. They are like critiques only nicer, not as blunt; but keep in mind, blunt is good! You want the truth right?

I have two favourite stories in my book, "The Good the Bad and Everything Inbetween." They are, "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," and "Never Let Me Go." The funny thing about opinions is, everyone has them, and so it is my opinion that "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," is a great story, but it is Roger Fraser's, editor of the Flatland,  opinion that it was cliched. But he explained why, and why he didn't like it in his write up about me, and I actually really loved it!

Everyone has different sugars they like, the blue packet, the pink packet, the white packet, cane sugar, splenda, etc. So that means everyone has different tastes, and I honestly can't make them have the same sugar as I do, I can't make them like the things I like. So if Roger Fraser doesn't like "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," well then my hat is off to him for telling me the reason why. He gave me exactly what I wanted to hear: an opinion.

I suggest all writers come to terms with different peoples thoughts. Don't go off thinking your work is the best and everyone is going to love it, that is just silly. I understand you are proud of your work and you want everyone to read it, but chances are there is going to be that one person who really doesn't like your amazing piece of writing, but ten to one they will tell you why; so in turn you should thank that person, because in reality, they just gave you a valuable piece of information in which it could possibly help you in the future.  
2/7/2012 04:36:01 pm

Human sentiments are a compromise.

Writers need to understand THEY ARE NOT THEIR WRITING. Just like musicians aren't their music and architects are not the house they designed. That's the only way to not take an opinion about something you created as an opinion about you.

But at the same time, this sort of thinking usually produces great things. If your writing is an extension of yourself, you'd put as much effort into it as the average schoolgirl puts into her makeup.

So that's the compromise I see. Of course, you can easily escape it, just by being both at the same time. Believe you are what you create and that you aren't. Being a contradiction, though it can frustrate people, is an amazing way to enjoy life and do well at it at the same time, I believe.

2/7/2012 04:37:42 pm

Just to be clear, none of that was directed at you. It was only some random thoughts that I had in response to reading this post, which really should be read by more people. You know what you're talking about.

2/8/2012 02:37:59 am

haha, Thank you for clarifying that, I wasn't too sure who it was directed at, but I am glad you agree. :)

9/24/2012 06:42:10 am

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