FINALS.ARE.OVER! I can say with all sincerity that I am so glad this semester is over and done with. I only had two classes this term, granted, but its those obnoxious, still stuck in high school, can't grow up, people that bug the living hell out of you. Oh, and don't forget a teacher from Satin's domain that just makes his class so....special. 

Note my disdain.  

There was this one moment in dance class when my partner dropped me on his knee, right into my spin; so I have whiplash, cracked sternum, bruised back, and a cracked rib-- although he does not know this. So I am on drugs as of today and on bed rest, I also happen to be writing this while on a pain killer, so if I happen to be spelling everything wrong....I'll fix it later. Or maybe not, I think it would give this little blurb some much need characture.

As for some advice on writing....don't do it on drugs, it just turns out bad, save yourself the pain of having to read it and then delete it.   

And now...sleep.

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