I'm getting married!!!! 

..ahem....Yes, I am getting married, to a United States Marine. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met, he protects not only United States of America, but also my heart. I am so grateful for him and everything that has happened in our lives; I thank God everyday for him (not joking, I seriously do).

Now on a writing topic, I am trying to get Secrets of the Black Forest finished up by the end of this year. I am currently moving with my family to a different state so my mind has been on that but let me tell you: HAZEN IS KICKING SOME SERIOUS BUTT!!! That's my girl :P

Short sweet to the point.

p.s....people at Deviant Art are complete perverts...ew...oh yeah my deviant art is SaigeStarx2 go look at my photography! :D (no pervs allowed!!!)

p.p.s.....this summer is going by fast an I am very grateful for that because I get to see my man for 11 days while he is on leave in August!
Its hard to compete with my first post, I mean as a writer I should be able to come up with some weird little write up to top that of my first post, but come on "Myths of a Real Writer" was pretty awesome. 

But I suppose I have to tell you something...well I am in the middle of revising the whole of my second novel, "Secrets of the Black Forest," I just finished the chapter five revision which became very long and so I had to cut it into two parts, making the second part chapter six, and the original chapter six now chapter seven, etc. Its a very confusing process and one I am afraid only I can understand fully since it is, after all, my story...not serious at all.

This turned out to be a very small post on very unimportant crap...as of right now that is.
Oh how delightfully depressing.