OK, so, writing. Lets talk about writing, I mean we are on an author's webpage, are we not? 

How does one write? Well...you think "A E I O U and sometimes Y" and you go from there. Writing isn't rocket science, if it were then many of us would have won a big prize by now. So if it isn't rocket science then why, please explain to me, why people say "I wish I could write like you" or better yet my favourite, "I can't write." Well can you spell your name? If not then go back to kindergarten. Though if you can, then I shall rightly slap you in the face as you so deserve. If you can spell your name then I am sure you know how to write, so please don't be an ass and say "I can't write." I shall wish to slap you and will do so promptly. 

Now lets move onto "I wish I could write like you." One. You can. Two. Stop watching so much damn TV and actually sit down with Microsoft WORD open, or with a pen and paper, and begin. Like I said, it isn't rocket science. Kids start scribbling when they are only months old, so...why can't you? I see no a difference. 

If children can use their imagination to see a world in which you can't, then I suggest you start taking notes from them; maybe add a little sugar to your now bitter lives of adulthood. Peter Pan can fly, why can't you?
A lot of people look at Valentines Day as a day to celebrate with your loved one, such as a boyfriend or wife. The chocolat, the roses (which I believe to be rather overrated and over used), the candle light dinner, etc. For those who are of the single stature, tend to have a very negative outlook on the whole day. I find that to be depressing. 

People don't realize that Valentines Day is actually in memory of St. Valentine; not a perverted looking man flying around in a diaper, shooting people in their asses with arrows-- excuse my crud description.  

Let me set a record straight for my own sanity, because if I hear one more single person complain about how they hate Valentines Day, my head shall burst, (rather dramatic, eh?) 

So let me continue with my small little rant on what I think Valentines Day is all about:
 It isn't just about couples and being overbaringly sentimental with your partner, and being in a state of pure bliss while people around you who don't have what you have (make a note, I am rolling my eyes). Valentines Day-- besides it being about St. Valentine-- is about coming together with the people you love, notice how I said "People" and not "Person". You come together with friends, family, and yes, your special someone too. Don't mope around like its the end of the bloody world just because you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or you are divorced and have no one now. No one really cares about that truthfully, because 10 to 1, they are going through a similar thing too. So instead of making it worse on yourself and everyone else, sinking into a pit of depression and self pity, why don't you stop, look around, see everything that is beautiful outside, and then get all your friends together (single or not) and have a big dinner together. Or go see family. 

This "holiday" isn't reserved for only the couples, its reserved for those who are willing to spend a day with everyone he or she loves. 

So enlightenment of this little blurb, I will, on the big V, post a story I wrote as of last year on Valentines Day; but it is only fitting to do so to back up my opinions. haha. 

It can be found in my book, "The Good, The Bad, and Everything Inbetween." So if you have my book, then I suggest you read it on the big V. And while you're at it make some brownies and pass around the love. 

Opinions, what to say about opinions, opinions are....medicine with a spoon full of sugar mixed in. They are like critiques only nicer, not as blunt; but keep in mind, blunt is good! You want the truth right?

I have two favourite stories in my book, "The Good the Bad and Everything Inbetween." They are, "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," and "Never Let Me Go." The funny thing about opinions is, everyone has them, and so it is my opinion that "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," is a great story, but it is Roger Fraser's, editor of the Flatland,  opinion that it was cliched. But he explained why, and why he didn't like it in his write up about me, and I actually really loved it!

Everyone has different sugars they like, the blue packet, the pink packet, the white packet, cane sugar, splenda, etc. So that means everyone has different tastes, and I honestly can't make them have the same sugar as I do, I can't make them like the things I like. So if Roger Fraser doesn't like "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," well then my hat is off to him for telling me the reason why. He gave me exactly what I wanted to hear: an opinion.

I suggest all writers come to terms with different peoples thoughts. Don't go off thinking your work is the best and everyone is going to love it, that is just silly. I understand you are proud of your work and you want everyone to read it, but chances are there is going to be that one person who really doesn't like your amazing piece of writing, but ten to one they will tell you why; so in turn you should thank that person, because in reality, they just gave you a valuable piece of information in which it could possibly help you in the future.